The curriculum is major in professional technology and minor in quality control and management. The courses take both breadth and depth into account and arrange five course fields: drug development, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical engineering, quality control and management. The aims are intensifying drug developments, strengthening pharmaceutical engineering and importing the intellectual property, management, clinical trial regulars and medicine hazard into students. Interdisciplinary course program includes both industrial practice and application for intensifying the connection between students and industry. The program would invite the industrial experts to be co-advisors and arrange the internships in pharmaceutical Inc. for expecting the graduate could be competent to the drug development jobs in pharmaceutical industry or be qualified to management jobs like medicine management and medicine monitoring.


Compulsory Course

Course Name Credits
Seminar 4
Internship 2
Molecular Medicine 3
Thesis research(Disquisition) 6
Total Credits 15


Elective Course

Course Name Credits
Special topics on material medica 2
Special topics on pharmacokinetics 3
Special topics on the biological drug information 2
Lecture on biopharmaceutical research and development 2
Specific topics on pharmaceutics 2
Special topics on dosage-form design 2
Pharmaceutical engineeringspecialtheory 2
Special topic on Analytical chemistry 2
Special topics on Herbal Medicines 2
Applied biostatistics 2
Drug Development and Strategy 2
Regulatory and Clinical Trials in Drug Development 2
Total Credits 25